Football Manager 2021: Release date, price, and devices


Football Manager 2021 Sports Interactive made the expected statement. Sports Interactive, the publisher of the FM series, announced the Football Manager 2021 release date. Moreover, FM 2021 comes with the Xbox for the first time in years.

When will Football Manager 2021 be released?

Football Manager 2021 is one of the most anticipated games of the year. Especially for the new game of the FM series raised the bar in the series overall. Moreover, it was thought that it would make an announcement about the release date of FM 2021 in a time when new generation game consoles and new games such as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X were announced. Indeed, that announcement was made.

Football Manager 2021 will be released on November 24.

Football Manager games are normally released around the beginning of November, but coronavirus-related disruptions this year mean that it will be slightly later than usual.

How much will Football Manager 2021 cost?

It’s now officially announced how much Football Manager 2021 will cost, and the standard version of the game costs £39, though there are usually pre-order and loyalty discounts available such as the one below as we linked here which currently costs only £29.99!


FM21 beta release date

Early Beta Access will be made available to those of you who preorder the game from our store (or other officially authorized retailers) approximately 2 weeks before November 24th. No fixed date has been given though.

FM2021 New Features

Managers get more control over their teams and players on FM 21. The game’s increasing depth and drama features are also one of the enhancements to FM 21. The new feature of the new Football Manager game will be announced on social media channels and the game’s official website from the beginning of October.

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