Football Manager 2020 4-2-1-3 Goal Machine Tactic

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We present to you, Football Manager 2020 4-2-1-3 Goal Machine Tactic – If you’re tired of the classic 4-4-2, 4-3-3, or 3-5-2 tactics, we recommend you that amazing tactic. Thanks to this tactic, the matches with the pleasure of watching with plenty of goals are waiting for you. Let’s analyze the Football Manager 2020 4-2-1-3 Goal Machine Tactic.

Football Manager 2020 4-2-1-3 Goal Machine Team Formation

In recent years, almost all major teams have tried to synthesize the ball-dominated football created by Guardiola within their own structure. But in our tactic, we will not play like Guardiola. We want our players to plays with risky passes as much as they can, rather than simple passes. Being in the striker zone with many guys poses a serious threat to the opponent throughout the entire match. In order to play this tactic with a highly offensive sequence, you must have a squad made up of the best players possible. We will talk about this in more detail in the player directives section.

FM20 Tactic


in Possession

FM20 Tactic

With this tactic, our only goal is to bring our players on the goal zone with the ball as quickly as possible. Our attacking width is “extremely wide” due to the ability to create empty spaces for our strikers. “Pass into space” is actually an extra joker to in this tactic. However, we recommend that you try this option with players who are quick in your team’s offensive line. Our aim is to focus play down the left and right. With the game we directed there, we expect our players to cross the ball as soon as we get the ball.

It is important to reduce dribbling as much as possible because our game pattern is based on risky passes, the sooner we pass, the more open we will find. We don’t spend any wasting time in this game where we play at an extremely high pace, inflating the balls to our forwards. The reason we have whipped crosses is to catch the opponent’s defense off guard. The place where we cross is very important in this tactic.

in Transition

FM20 Tactic

One of the parts where the quality of our players affects the most in this tactic is in transition games. 4 of the players we put on the field stay in the offensive zone. This situation puts extra responsibility on those left behind. The purpose of using the “counter-press” here is to grab the ball as early as possible and bring our strikers to the ball in a demarked way. When we win the ball, we attack as a team from four arms. But as we mentioned, for that you need defensive players with quality defensive skills. Our goalkeeper will try to force the opponent’s defense into error by quickly taking long kicks in accordance with our style of play.

Out of Possession

FM20 Tactic

While our opponents have the ball, our main goal is to force the opponent’s players into error as much as possible. That’s why we keep the pressure as high as possible.

A second issue is our defensive line. We mentioned it in the previous transition game. The fact that our attacking players stay ahead places extra responsibilities on the defenders in this tactic. If we consider the game in 3 stages;

We greet the opponent in the front with our offensive players, while grabbing the ball turns into a direct goal for us; If the opponent’s removal of the ball from that area turns into a serious deficit for us in defense.

In Zone 2, we have midfielders and wing backs who support them. For the opponent who also passed the midfield, we only have 2 center backs. The longer we can keep these two center backs behind, this turns into an advantage both in terms of defense and attack. That is to say, while the opponents are trying to put pressure on our defensive line that is set far behind while attacking, our attacking players can create opportunities for them.

But you should remember that, just like in the transition game, the characteristics of the defenders are the main factor in this part. Let’s examine the subject in more detail in player directives.

Positions and Directives in FM20 Goal Machine Tactic


The Sweeper Keepers are undoubtedly the best goalkeepers for this tactic. When the opponent who hangs from the midfield to the defense comes with many players, our goalkeeper has a big job. Of course, it is not possible to have a great goalkeeper in every team you play, but if you play with this tactic;
The most important features are Rushing Out, One-on-One, Command of area, Positioning and Composure. You can add +1 more character to your team if you are goalkeepers with high qualities such as Throwing, Acceleration, Passing that will feed your attacking players.


In this tactic we played with such risky passes, Ball Playing Centre Backs add momentum to your team in an unexpected way. If a Ball Playing Defender is considered in the CB position, apart from the defensive qualities of the player (heading, marking, tackling);

First touch, Passing, Technique, Vision, and Quickness is ideal for this tactic. The more efficiently our Ball Playing Centre Backs send the ball forward, the better our chances of being effective. If your team does not have a Ball Playing Defenders, the other types of center-backs must have good quickness characteristics apart from these features. Due to tactics, as we mentioned above, our defenders have so many responsibilities. While looking for goals in the offense, we can suddenly become open to counter attacks. For this reason, physically strong and fast defenders will at least take you one step further.

Wing Backs

We want our wing backs to manage the corridors alone. Our wing-backs should be good at;
Crossing, Dribbling, Tackling, Quickness. You can start the players in the support role at the beginning of the match and return them to the attack according to the course of the game. But there are a few points we need to be aware of here. First of all, our wing-backs are our only wingers in this tactic and we ask them not to score goals. That’s why we want them to feed the attackers and keep the corridor in control. For this reason, we adjust the wing-backs’ directives as follows:

FM20 Tactic
Wing Back Right

The most important point here is our aim crosses must be sent to the far post. Just like in real life, with a few exceptions in Football Manager, almost all teams have adopted the 4-defenders. We have 3 strikers on hand in this tactic. Considering that 1 defender of the opponent meets our wing back, our attackers stay one-on-one with the defenders. And one of the main roles of this tactic to be effective on offense emerges here.

When our player in the number 10 position joins the attacks, the opponent defender has to either mark him or mark our one of the striker. Usually, the teams in this case, instead of emptying the middle in defense, empty the far post. That gives you many goal advantages. But let us remind you once again that for all this to happen, you need to have a good wing backs with crossing ability.


It is useful to pick the midfielders according to your team. Deep Lying Playmaker, Ball Winning Midfielder, Box to box midfielders are the midfielders you can use here. You can expect the Box to box to contribute to both attack and defense, while the Ball Winning Midfielder remains in the midfield and waits for him to cut off sudden attacks from the opponent.

If you have a player with high vision, ball technique, and passing characteristics in the defensive playmaker role, you can put your attackers in a more comfortable position. Ball Winning Midfielders dramatically increases the number of card hits in this tactic. Because these players are aware of the fact that if the ball passes through to behind him, there will be a serious goal position and he is concerned about blocking the opponent as much as possible. If you don’t want to play like that, you can play with two defensive playmakers, or reduce the player’s aggressiveness with a central midfield defensive role. Ball winning midfielders or your defensive players should be good at:
Tackling, strength, positioning, and physical.
Box to box midfielder or defensive playmakers;
Vision, first touch, technique, passing, positioning skills must be good. That players who have good long shots ability also provide a lot of goal opportunities for you.

No.10 and Attackers

The reason we got this part together is actually that our player, who plays for the advanced playmaker, is in the position of the team’s 4th striker. We mentioned above how the opponent team will give opportunities to our attackers. Our Advanced Playmakers are should be good at;
Dribbling, First Control, Technique, Passing, Vision, Long Shots, Teamwork.

As for the strikers; Of course, it is important that you choose the striker roles according to the situation of your team. Because you will enter a lot of positions;
That’s why your forwards should be good at Flair, Finishing, Acceleration, Long Shot. If you’re going to play with this tactic, my own suggestion is that your center forward plays the role of the advanced forward. What we expect from our attackers on both wings is to watch the opportunities created and to apply constant pressure to the opponent. For this are, you can try the following combinations:
CENTER: Advanced Forward, Target Man, Complete Forward-Attack.
FLANKS: Deep Lying Forward, False Nine, Poacher, Trequartista.

Advantages of tactic

  • That tactic puts your team in a lot of goal positions, you are likely to be the team with the most goals in the league.
  • With this tactic, your strikers’ goal statistics increase considerably, at the end of the season you can see your own players at the top of the goal scorer race. When this is the case, it is not just about statistics, the value of your strikers will be increased very high and they will be called for the national teams regularly.
  • After your wing backs adapt to your wing play, the number of their assists increases considerably. If they have acceleration and crossing abilities, they will be candidates to become the new assist leader of your league.
  • You are going to watch many matches which are very enjoyable to watch. That gives you a plus based on board and fans as long as you win matches.

Disadvantages of tactic

  • If your defensive players are not good, no matter how many goals you score, your opponents will always score.
  • Your player who is with a ball-winning midfielder role receives a yellow card in almost every match. You need to pay attention to this. You can change his role to a defensive central midfielder.
  • In teams that play extremely defensive (such as 3-6-1, 3-5-2), this tactic can be locked if your players are not of good quality. In such cases, sending your box to box midfield to the offense, turning the wing backs into offense, turning your number 10 into a shadow striker is among the steps that can be taken.
  • Finally, since the number of teams playing with such a tactic is almost zero in the game, you should give time to your team to get used to this tactic.

This is how we can summarize the Football Manager 2020 4-2-1-3 Goal Machine Tactic for you in this post. We hope that you will also benefit from this tactic through your FM20 journey.

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