FM20 Not Scoring Enough Goals Problem

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Do you have serious problems with strikers in Football Manager this year? Whatever role you try, can you not get any efficiency? You are not alone in this. In fact, the role of strikers in FM has changed over time. Just like in real life. Brand new roles were brought to forward strikers. There is nothing more natural than each role giving a different performance in different tactics. After all, which of us didn’t use such a sentence in real life? “Oh man, that player cannot play at his back, the man has no environmental control.”. In this post, we will dive into FM20 not scoring enough goals problem.

This is where two choices come into play. Do you recruit players according to your tactics or do you determine your tactics according to your players? Especially with FM 19 and FM 20, getting maximum performance from the players in your current squad is almost 100 percent proportional to the tactic you apply on your squad. Only very outstanding players can give you good performances with any tactic you go with.

How to Prevent Not Scoring Enough Goal Problems

Now let’s take a closer look at the in FM 20 why I can’t score enough goals problem:

Strikers are vital players in almost any game system. They make or break a good tactic because it doesn’t matter how many fewer goals you concede if you can’t get your frontmost guy to fire it, and it’s all over. No team will win the title at the end of the season with full of matches of 0-0.

In Football Manager 2020, strikers will become part of your tactic in eight different roles, from Deep Lying Forward to False Nine. Let’s take a look at how you can get the most out of your striker, whichever appeals to you more.

Lone Strikers

From the very beginning, we should say that the chosen role for your striker must match the individual characteristics of the player, but since many strikers can play in very different roles, it is important that you start by making your choice right.

The one-man forward formation is a fairly common game tactic on Football Manager series and allows us to be more crowded in the midfield, but leaves number nine with more responsibility; Not only do they score goals, but they are also expected to rush into the gaps to get others into the game.

So ask yourself, what do I want my one striker to do?

• Does he have to hold the ball because we can’t have possession?
• Does he have to play shoulder to shoulder with defenses for direct passes?
• Does your game have to work hard on the defense part?

After answering this, take some time to read the descriptions and instructions for each role and the attributes the role requires.

Our recommendation is that if you are going to play with a single striker, make sure that your striker has characteristics that fit the roles of Poacher, Advanced Forward, and Complete Forward. In this way, it will disrupt the defensive balance of the opponent when the place comes, they will be able to make empty runs and will be the first defense element when the place comes to opponent attacks.

Double Striker

When forming a double-striker partnership, it is necessary to consider not only how these roles should serve the rest of the team, but how they should link to each other. You have to make sure they are both working together and not running in the same direction or doing similar work.

The “small and big” duo is the classic example of a two-person partnership; players who compensate for each other’s weaknesses. In FM20, Target Man and Pressing Forward, one to hold the ball and win air duels, and the other to lean behind the defense and bring the job to the end.

These two roles would particularly suit a double striker system that would take advantage of balls from large areas – either 4-4-2 or 3-5-2 would be compatible for forward and crossing from the deep with wingers.

Another role would be False Nine. Although not part of the duo striker practice, a good striker will be a role that is likely to catch a very good mood with the back of the striker. You may find such players hard to find on FM 20, as better pass and position information will be required than a normal striker.

Whichever tactic you play, you will definitely need to examine which roles your player can use better. So maybe try a few roles at a certain time to see if they really fit your tactic.

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